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We are thrilled to continue building Pinnacle Volleyball Academy into the premier club in our area. While last season was a great experience, we are looking forward to growing the great culture and club that we started out in last year's crazy Covid-filled season.  While last season was filled with energy and excitement, we look forward to adding more great coaches and really enhancing the experience for all of our members.

We are well aware of the intense commitment, in both time and money, that club volleyball has turned into.  The big question every player and parent should ask themselves is, what are we paying all this money for?  While we can't speak for other clubs, what we can do is tell you what makes us different.  Read below if you want to get a good vibe for our club atmosphere!


Our Coaches!

A player's coaches are the #1 priority to the most productive club seasons and playing in college.  Our coaches range from Division 2 College coaches, high level former Division 1-3 college players, and well-known high level High School coaches.  Our coaches are lifelong learners of the sport and love transferring that knowledge to the next generation of volleyball players.


Size of the club

What you see is what you get!  This is as big as the club is going to get.  Our philosophy differs from other clubs.  We feel very strongly that a club shouldn't have a team unless there is a great coach to run it.  We aren't in this for the money.  Our goal is to develop high level talent with the hopes of playing at a high level in High School and/or at the higher college levels, not to have 20 money-making teams 


more Individual improvement than anywhere else

Our focus has always been to have the best TEAM environment every year, because that's what wins--> (See Team USA 2021 if you need confirmation )

That is another differentiating factor to consider Pinnacle.  What makes Pinnacle differs from other clubs is that we combine the TEAM improvement with the INDIVIDUAL improvement. 


Our coaches handle the day to day team operations but every player at the club has access to additional small group skill clinic trainings with the club director.  Ask around, we are well known for our very small group oriented training where you will actually see improvement rather than standing in a line waiting to get coached.



Our coaches are among the most passionate out there, focused on building the best team environments while keeping the main focus on individual player improvement.  From the Club Director to each individual team coach, our coaches have the player's best interest at the heart of everything we do.



See above "Small Club Size" notes.  As a small club with a dedicated and passionate club director, our goal is to have an individual improvement plan for every kid that wants to play in college.

No, you don't need to have a certain name on your jersey to get recruited to play in college, even though some will try to tell you that.  

Come check out one of our free recruiting seminars and you will see that is not the truth!


POSITIVe Environment

See above "Small Club Size" notes.  As a small club with a dedicated and passionate club director, we strive to build a strong culture while teaching our players real life work ethic, drive, and goal setting

Our coaches are positive role models and you won't catch them ever berating or yelling but rather teaching.  Our players are held accountable through the club culture that has been formed, not by negative coaching

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